Goals & Objectives of Olde Marlborough, Inc.
  • To do the best to preserve Marlborough’s remaining historical assets.
  • To Educate through the development of New, Innovative, and High Technology Ways & Methods.
  • To create new Programs that will make Learning about our Past, Interesting, Exciting & Fun.
  • To carry out programs that have worked successfully in other areas of the world.
  • To create an “Outdoor Art Gallery” in the Downtown area with 30 +/- Murals depicting the City’s History & Heritage & also the History of the “King Phillip War” & the “American Revolution” .
  • To recreate “Williams Tavern”, once Marlborough’s most Famous & Historical Asset, until demolished in 1947.
  • To create a Museum depicting the city’s once prosperous Shoe & Apple Industries.
  • To acquire the Horatio Alger, Jr. House & create a museum there about him.
  • To create an interactive, hands on Museum depicting the History of the “King Phillip War” & the “American Revolution”.
  • To create awareness of “William Dawes” the forgotten patriot, through an Interpretive Display & Statue. Making people aware that there was someone else besides Paul Revere that famous Night!! Dawes lived out his life in Marlborough, after the Revolution was over, operating a General Store until his death here in 1799.
Population and Geography Served
We will be principally serving everybody, with an emphasis on Youth & those economically disadvantaged. As an example, our downtown “Outdoor Art Gallery with Murals” Project will have no admission charge & we will supply books describing each Mural to School Groups. Each Mural will have hidden items that the children will have to look for, making it fun for them to participate. We will also seek funding to help those schools located in materially disadvantaged areas, as defined by the Federal Dept. of Housing & Development (HUD), to be able to bus their classes to Marlborough & work with our school dep’t. to feed them a good lunch!! Our main geographic area that we will be serving, will be that within a 2 hour driving distance of Marlborough, with a secondary area being the remainder of New England and lastly the rest of the World (Tourists visiting the Boston, Massachusetts & New England area).

Rowe Law Office, 21 Cotting Avenue, Marlborough, MA. 01752
Mailing Address : PO Box 293, Marlborough, MA. 01752